City Bridge Trust - Impact and learning team

This interactive and informative session covers how City Bridge Trust adapted and innovated in response to covid and the seismic challenges to London’s civil society since March 2020.

The City Bridge Trust is the largest independent funder in London, and during the covid-19 crisis the organisation stepped up to support London's communities. Its response led to a transformed learning culture and has ignited a more equitable approach to philanthropic activities from the team.

Through this session, we hope London’s funding community will gain insight into the challenges City Bridge Trust encountered navigating its way through cultural and operational changes, our successes, failures and what we learned along the way. 

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Ruth Feder
Head of Impact and Learning, City Bridge Trust
Jen Durrant
Impact and Learning Officer, City Bridge Trust
Alice Thornton
Head of Learning, Renaisi
Sam Grimmett-Batt
Funding Director, City Bridge Trust
Dinah Cox
Consultant, City Bridge Trust

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