Rethink Mental Illness - Communities that Care

In this session, Rethink Mental Illness will share what they have learnt so far from their Communities that Care model, and will explain how it can be replicated elsewhere.

The mental health effects of the last year are already apparent in London and elsewhere. After an initial down turn in demand, we are seeing primary healthcare facing a massive increase in demand, and far greater complexity of need. While some of the need may pass as normal life resumes we are already beginning to see that the exposure to the virus and the economic effects of lock down are already bearing down most hard on BAME and other underserved communities, severely compounded by existing inequalities in housing and employment among other things.

At the same time, the 2019 NHS plan did bring new resources, deploying from April this year, and a new approach. The community mental health framework model does offer hope and a blueprint of deploying all the communities assets around the person who needs them.

Reflecting this national shift, Rethink Mental Illness’, Communities that Care model (piloted in Somerset) advocates an integrated way of working in local communities to provide a joined up, seamless support for people living with mental illness and their carers. The model brings together NHS Trusts, local authorities and the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector to work in alliances. In this session, Rethink Mental Illness will share what they have learnt so far, and will explain how this model can be replicated elsewhere.


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Kaneez Shaid
Head of Community Engagement, Rethink Mental Illness
William Higham
Associate Director of Programme Innovation, Rethink Mental Illness

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