I.G Advisors - Mobilising more resources from your impact community

We will walk the funding community through learnings in building digital impact communities.

The covid-19 pandemic has proven that the need to connect with others has never been as vital for our growth, learning, and sense of belonging as it is at this current moment. Community is the future of philanthropy at the highest levels of giving. Yet, many of us do not know how to do it – and especially not online. This is where I.G. Advisors' new technology, The Mesa, comes in. The Mesa was designed to support the philanthropy sector in building impact-driven communities that encourage learning, connection, and inspired thinking, with the ultimate goal of getting donors to be better givers. The team has spoken with dozens of impact communities – groups in which social impact sits at the centre of the community’s actions, members, and beliefs – to understand how their members can better engage and give strategically.

We’ve discovered the important role technology plays in this work, and how building trusted communities that can seamlessly move on- and offline is key. In this one hour session, we will walk the funding community through our learnings in building digital impact communities. We will also share key steps to take when thinking through your online community strategy. At the same time, we will create a space in which attendees can interact and learn from one another about best practices in building collaboration and connectivity – both online and offline - amongst their donors, members, investors or clients.


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Lauren Gross
Managing Director, The Mesa

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